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As a local real estate professional a commitment to client satisfaction is a top priority. Whether you are considering purchasing a home, or selling an existing property, an outstanding level of service is guaranteed with me representing you in your next real estate transaction. I provide real estate services in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Aviano, Desert Ridge, North Phoenix, and in other local real estate markets.

There is no doubt that providing the ideal level of real estate service will mean that you will be able to meet all of your real estate objectives. Many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my real estate services. Thanks again for visiting and be sure to contact me regarding any real estate buying or selling need, whether large or small.

She Is the Best There Is!

Recent seller review from Dobson Ranch in Mesa - sold April 2020!

She’s the best there is.
I have sold 2 homes and I have bought 2 homes with Vicki. She is simply the best there is. Never did I once feel pressured. Vicki explains everything clearly and makes sense of all the fine print that goes along with real estate. If a problem arises, Vicki has already thought of solutions to solve and fix it. I never had a question she couldn’t find out or answer. Vicki sold our last house 30k over listing pricing during a pandemic. She is an absolute amazing person, and she treats her clients like family. She is definitely my family’s forever realtor.
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Outstanding Realtor!

Recent Seller Review from NW Glendale - sold June 2020!

Outstanding realtor!
We couldn’t have asked for a better experience selling our home and we owe it to Vicki Shearer. She is truly an expert in realty. Vicki communicated with us every step of the way and always displayed the highest level of professionalism. I am most grateful for the piece of mind we had throughout the process knowing we had a realtor we trusted. I highly recommend Vicki Shearer.
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Very Professional!

Review from recent Buyer in North Phoenix - purchased Sept 2019!

Very Professional!
Vicki helped me buy my first house and her experience and professionalism was evident throughout the whole process. Vicki allowed me to be able to go through the entire process worry-free. She had everything covered from the beginning.
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Piece of Cake!

Review from a Seller in North Phoenix - sold August 2019!

A piece of cake.
Vicki Shearer was an amazing asset to our experience of selling the home we had built and lived in for thirty one year’s. Her professionalism was above and beyond. She answered questions and brought up thing’s we never thought of. She handled everything with grace and friendliness all the while letting us know every step she was taking. We never knew selling the home we raised our four children in would actually be such a pleasant experience. She’s the best. Thank you Vicki.
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Vicki Shearer is a Great Agent!

Recent review from a Seller in north Phoenix - sold January 2020!

Vicki Shearer is a great agent!
Vicki is very professional and has a great grasp on the market. All of her suggestions were helpful And the end results were very good. I would have no hesitation in referring Vicki to other people interested in selling their home
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Vicki Provides Top Quality Service to Her Buyers!

July 2000

I am writing on behalf of Ms. Shearer who served as my realtor when I moved to Phoenix, Arizona from Wilmington, Delaware. I can recommend Vickie as a realtor without reservations. Vicki was unstinting in the use of her time and energy in finding me a new home and in educating me regarding the purchase of a new home.

My situation was somewhat complicated in that I had resolved to find a home in the one week that I had free prior to starting my new position. This also was the first time that I was purchasing a home and the first time that I was applying for a mortgage. I not only had minimal knowledge about the process, but also minimal knowledge about the area that I planned to purchase my home. Vicki was wonderful throughout the whole process.

During that week, Vicki prescreened multiple homes. She then showed me an average of five homes daily throughout that entire week. She introduced me to a mortgage company that found me a program appropriate to my situation. Ultimately, at the end of the week, I found the home that I was looking for. Because I was leaving town on business at the end of the month, I asked to close approximately two weeks from the date of locating the house. Vicki facilitated that process so that it appeared seamless to me.

Just prior to closing, Vicki became aware of a loan program that had the potential of saving me approximately $2000.00. Although she was aware that this might minimally delay closing or worse, cause the deal to fall through, she informed me of the opportunity along with the potential risks to the closing. She did this in spite ofthe fact that this could cause her to have another week or more of work to find me a different home. She could have just as easily concealed the information and not given me the opportunity to make an informed decision.

In short, Vicki is a hard-working, dedicated, honest and well-informed realtor. She keeps her clients' best interests as the focal point of her services. I would highly recommend Vicki to anyone looking for a home in the Phoenix vicinity. She will certainly be the realtor to whom I recommend friends and family members.


William Ellert, M.D.

Vicki Works Tirelessly to Find the Right Home for Buyers!

June 2001

This letter is in regard to the assistance that Vicki provided while serving as our realtor. When my fiance' and I started looking for houses, we decided to look in the central corridor and downtown historic areas of Phoenix. We wanted to find a house with a lot of character but were also strict about having a few basic amenities. Vicki's flexibility allowed us to see 7 to 8 houses at a time, mostly on the weekends. She worked around our busy schedules and was always able to accommodate us.

Vicki's dedication showed when, after we bid on a house that we wanted, it ended up going to another buyer. Instead of letting up on the search, Vicki found several more houses, which she showed to us at 8 o'clock one evening. We found a place that we liked that evening and decided to write up a contract right away. Vicki could have decided that it was getting too late and told us to come back later to write up a contract. Instead, we went straight to her office and did the necessary paperwork. If we had postponed until the next day, we would have lost the house, as two more bids were placed on the following day.

Vicki's hard work and dedication to her clients showed through the entire home buying process. She worked ceaselessly to find a house that we would be happy in. She emailed us frequently with listings and photographs of new places. ln addition, she responded to phone calls promptly and was always professional in her dealings with us.

In conclusion, we would highly recommend Vicki to anyone interested in buying or selling a home. We would not hesitate to give her name out to any of our friends or associates, as she made the entire home buying process an enjoyable one.

Grant P., Phoenix, AZ

After 3 Years of Searching, Buyers Finally Find Success with Vicki!

January 2004

This letter is in regard to your agent Vicki Shearer. We had the pleasure of meeting her in October 2003. We live in Minnesota and were looking to purchase a second home somewhere warm! We scoured the South and South West for three years and worked with a total of six agents. My husband and I were tireless in our pursuit of a home. However, we found five of the six agents were neither willing to put in the time or the necessary homework to help us find a home in a comfortable price range with the amenities we desired. Vicki spent a lot of time e-mailing us and talking with us prior to our first meeting. When we did finally meet, we were so pleased with the information she presented and her knowledge of the greater Phoenix market.

In addition to being impressed with her obvious intelligence and competence, we were delighted to discover she had as much energy as we and could go the distance. She made wonderful use of our time together. She is very organized and planned our days so we could see as many homes as possible. She "read" our demeanor and did not waste one minute of our time. How refreshing it was to work with a true professional. After two solid days of looking, Vicki led us to a home in an awesome neighborhood that had everything and even a little more than what we had wished for. We made an offer that evening and it was accepted by the time our plane landed back in Minneapolis.

The second part of the "buying" process was made so very easy for us. Vicki anticipated our questions and needs even before we thought to ask the question or state the need. The paperwork went through without a hitch. She recommended excellent services and provided us with names and phone numbers that she thought would be useful. We have honestly had more difficulty purchasing furniture than we did our beautiful home! This is totally due to Vicki's strong work ethic and professional ability.

We would not hesitate to recommend Vicki Shearer to the most particular buyers. She does the job well and makes it look effortless. She makes excellent use of the latest technology thus saving all of us time and effort. It was a wonderful experience to have worked with Vicki and we regard her not only as a competent agent but also as a friend.

Anno & Chuck Goshgarian, Eagan, MN and Anthem, AZ!

Out of State Investor Recommends Working with Vicki!

May 2010
I'm writing this to highly recommend Vicki Shearer. Our former Realtor recommended Vicki to us. Vicki introduced us to her website which we found to be greatly useful in narrowing down our search of homes. Vicki was then able to organize the showings to make the best use of our time. She quickly learned what we were looking for and didn't try to show us properties that were of no interest. She intuitively found us a property that suited our needs.
Vicki helped us through the entire process of bidding on the house, having our offer accepted, and the home inspection. She also worked very hard to have the seller pay for the repairs that were needed. 'While we were attempting to buy our house,
Vicki had the birth of her first grandchild and the preparation of her son's wedding, to cope with. During this whole process she kept us well informed with frequent phone calls, emails and text messages. When we had a question she always made time to have the answer. Vicki worked very hard on our behalf. She was very knowledgeable on what needed to be done when it needed to be done and who to call that could get the job done. She was very apt at approaching problems from different angles and using her expertise to know if the solution was the correct one.
We highly recommend Vicki Shearer to anyone interested in a real estate transaction in the Phoenix area. She was not only enjoyable to be with. but acted professionally and more importantly "competently" and in our interest at all times.
Most Sincerely,
Chuck & Ginny McMahon, Cherokee Village, AR

Repeat clients share their home buying and selling experience!

May 10th, 2013

Dear Mrs. Moore,

Our family has had the pleasure and privilege of working with Vicki Shearer during the past few years. We wanted to take the time to write to you to recognize Vicki and her hard work.

Throughout the purchase of our new home, and the sale - and purchase - of our old home, Vicki went above and beyond. There are not words adequate enough to describe how much of a blessing she was and continues to be, for our family. She has watched over us, PROTECTED us, and was our source of constant positive energy throughout a few ups and downs that we faced together. She is a dedicated, caring, and compassionate person – it shows in her work as an agent. Her teaching spirit guided us through some turbulence, and her tenacity was the reason why we are able to buy in our dream neighborhood. Our family is forever indebted to her – truly!

Vicki has a servant’s heart, and we can say with full confidence that there is no better agent! Selling and buying our homes were some of the most emotionally and financially challenging situations we have faced together as a family. We were glad to know we had Vicki by our side fighting for us and watching our back through it all. We will never work with any other agent!

We hope there is a way that you can recognize Vicki within the brokerage. You have THE BEST agent working for you! If there is anything that you would like to speak with us about beyond what we’ve written, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards,

Jon & Danielle Arnold


Satisfaction as Both the Buyer's Agent and the Listing Agent!

October 2002
Dear Mr. Foltz,
I am writing this letter of reference for Vicki Shearer, one of your agents. We moved to Phoenix from New Jersey in July of 2000. At that time Vicki was working for another real estate agency. Coming from such a different environment, we had very little idea about what to expect from the real estate market in Arizona. After talking to her several times about our preferences regarding location, schools, type of house, and so forth, she had a very clear idea of what our needs were. This was particularly important as we were trying to see houses with two young children in very hot weather. The house she helped us find was truly ideal house for us. All throughout the closing process, we were always well informed about the process. Even after the transaction of the house was completed, we relied on her expertise and asked her for referral for various services such as repair, pool service, among many others.
Unfortunately, we decided to move in two short years after living in Phoenix area. This time, Vicki was our listing agent. She, once again made sure our needs would be met. She provided us with her professional opinion, which helped us in making decisions tremendously. Even while the agent for the buyer was not doing her job, Vicki went beyond her duty to make sure the closing process would move forward without difficulty.
We can truly say that we were very impressed with her professionalism as well as personal touch and care in meeting our needs. We can definitely recommend her with enthusiasm. If anyone is to use her service whether to sell or buy a property, that person will be able to do so with confidence and trust in Vicki Shearer.


Grace & David Kang, Greeley, CO

Example of How Vicki Works with Other Agents in Town!

June 2002

Dear Mr. Foltz,

In my ten years in real estate I've never written a letter to a broker about an agent but I'm compelled to do so at this time.

After not being well for months and referring out my business, I chose to take on a small listing. Briefly, I received 3 offers in one day. One from Vicki. I'd had a lenghtly surgery that morning and was not in top form. Anyway! We responded to Vicki's offer about 10:30pm. Moments later I had a call from Vicki noting that I have not included the "Multiple Offer Form". Fortunately, I had not yet faxed the other two. Instead of pointing out my stupidity, she suggested she fax me over the proper form and we proceed from there.

As you know, this could have been a nightmare but it was averted due to not only Vicki's awareness, but her ability to make me feel human about making this kind of mistake and at the same time having the remedy for the problem.

You do have a "gem" in Vicki. I am forever grateful and in her debt for the kindness and professionalism shown that evening.

Most sincerely,

Judith T. Sales Associate with a competing brokerage firm in Phoenix

My Son's Friend Becomes My Friend!

May 2010

Vicki was a friend's mother and a Realtor before I bought my house. Now she is a trusted friend. I thank her so much for taking such great care of me during this time in which I knew absolutely nothing about the home buying process. She fought on my behalf when needed and communicated the outcomes with me perfectly; including the little setbacks and huge triumphs along the way. Thank you for all of the time you put in Vicki!

Brandon Helton, Avondale, AZ

Vicki's Son Recommends Using Her After Buying a House for Himself!

June 2006

Vicki, we were so impressed with the work you did as our Realtor and the house you found for us. All three of us are so happy with the home we live in, and without you there would be no chance it would have been ours. From internet searches, and that nagging but useful program you use, to touring the homes, you were more than we could have expected in every step of the way. You were the one that knew the market, and suggested looking at this listing even though it looked terrible through the MLS. Without your experience and expertise we would not have found this house which we truly love. This is a great first house for us, and we believe that it is the most we could have bought with our current abilities. I know that you don't hear it enough from your sons, but we now realize why you are a successful Realtor. You give the utmost respect and enthusiasm to each of your clients, and we were lucky enough to receive that same treatment.. It's rare to deal with somebody in this business that focuses more on the people than they do on the money. Obviously, we will be recommending you to friends and associates in the future. More than just as "mom" you did an incredible job and all three of us agree that we had the best realtor possible. So thank you. Thanks for leading us to the perfect house, thank you for representing us professionally and effectively, and most of all thank you for doing more than we expected.

Love, Your Son Kip Shearer

First Time Homebuyers Successfully Buy Short Sale!

May, 2010



When we decided to purchase our first home, Danielle and I were excited and nervous at the same time. As first time homebuyers in a real-estate market full of short sales and foreclosures, it was very important to us to work with a realtor who would take the extra time to guide us through the process and truly make sure we thoroughly understood it. We didn't know if this would be possible, and I thought we might have to make sacrifices on our "want list" and settle. Additionally, as first-time buyers, we thought we might not have the privilege of working with someone who might give us the same attention as an experienced buyer with a larger budget. We were in for a pleasant surprise!



Vicki went above and beyond the call of duty, and made an extra effort to get to know us personally and connect with us. This was very important, as it allowed her to really get a feel for our wants and needs. Vicki made the process as painless as possible and was there to pick our hopes up when we thought things might turn out for the worse. Not only that, but she had the experience and know-how to understand a great opportunity when she saw one, which was the reason we ended up getting a home we absolutely fell in love with.  Even further, she accommodated many of our unusual requests and truly worked hard at making sure we were getting everything important to us. In the end, we did not have to settle - and we do not say that lightly. My wife and I purchased a home that we can live in for years, and it is literally all thanks to Vicki.


The bottom line is that we couldn't have been any happier. We STRONGLY recommend that anyone, whether a first-time buyer or not, who is considering buying or selling a home work with Vicki Shearer.


- Jon and Danielle Arnold, Peoria, AZ



Successful Sale in Difficult Times!

July 2009   We first met Vicki Shearer as a neighbor when we lived near Lookout Mountain in Phoenix, AZ. We listed our house with ber when we decided to move from that location. We were seeking a borne that had a guest house or one that would allow one to be built. She found one for us in Glendale which we purchased and subsequently had an addition constructed. Our house in Lookout Mountain sold in a reasonable time and the sale proceeded in good fashion without difficulty. We have greatly enjoyed our home on Grover's Ave. in Glendale; however due to circumstances we realized that we needed sell that home and move into a independent living retirement community. We again listed our home with Vicki in July, 2008. However times had changed with plunging housing prices, particularly in the Phoenix metro area. To say the least it was a very difficult time to be selling a house. We had lot of lookers but few serious buyers - tbis process consumed a large amount of Vicki's time in arranging and conducting showings. We vacated the house, unsold, in March and moved to Austin Texas. In late May we had a signed contract for the sale of our home with a well qualified buyer; in late June the sale had been completed. During the whole period Vicki handled the situation very professionally in a very uncertain time. She committed effort and money particularly during our absence to see that the house presented well to potential buyers, and kept us fully informed of sales efforts.

 Robert Morin, Austin TX

Successful Listing Short Sale!

Summer/Fall 2009

In these times of uncertainty it is always a blessing to find qualified professionals you can trust and who have the very best interest of their clients at heart. Vicki Shearer is just such a professional.
Over the past year she has proven herself again and again as an advocate, representing our interests through a very difficult and prolonged home sale process. In the midst of many challenges, her attention to detail, perseverance and positive spirit have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Add to this a willingness to consistently communicate throughout the process (an in simple language) and you have all the qualities of a realtor you could ask for.
With great pleasure I would recommend Vicki to you for all of your realtor needs. I am confident you will find not only her level of professionalism to be of the highest quality, but a very rare sense that she truly cares about you, your family and the circumstances unique to you. My wife and I are so grateful to Vicki and her support team at Realty Executives for their partnership and even more, their friendship. Do yourself a favor and call Vicki today!
J.T. Pelt
Peoria, AZ 

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